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Because everyone could always use some help in the clear skin department, even if it’s just a maintenance situation, I’ve compiled my 20 best tips for younger looking and clear skin below. Read on to get your skin to its ideal place in no time at all.

  1. Eat healthy fats
  2. Exercise more frequently
  3. Hydration is key
  4. Eat more superfruits
  5. Trade coffee for tea
  6. Know what to put on your skin
  7. Sleep more
  8. Ban sugar from your diet
  9. Quit smoking
  10. Keep your mind young
  11. Oils are your friend
  12. Cleanse, moisturize, repeat!
  13. Exfoliate
  14. Always use protection in the sun!
  15. Eat more plants
  16. Smile and laugh often
  17. Start using a product with retinol
  18. Lower your alcohol intake
  19. Always remove your makeup over night
  20. Stress less

What are your best secrets to a younger looking skin?

Share your experience in the comments section.

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