Hi, I am Nadine – From Skinny to Strong

I am a Swiss woman whose passions are fitness, fashion, travel and everything that makes life beautiful. I always try to make the most out of every day and appreciate each and every single one, never losing focus on my dreams.

Before I started my fitness journey I was skinny, not eating much at all, very irregularly and unhealthy; I felt tired and sick (anorexia). Two years ago, I decided to change my way of living for the better and I turned from sickly skinny to fit and strong. I learned to be positive and happy with who I am. It changed my life!

With an extensive background in management, I started working out accompanied by one of the top trainers and body builders in the industry. I studied and did profound research during my personal dynamic transformation. My decision – to dedicate my passion to helping others transform their body.

I started to share my story on Instagram one year ago and had absolutely no idea where Instagram would take me in life. Being able to be myself, share my story, getting so many followers with their support and comments as a positive feedback and being one of Switzerland’s biggest influencers is seriously the best thing ever, I would have never expected it!

Instagram has given me the opportunity to combine my interests, all of my abilities and my passion for fitness, fashion, beauty and travel. I turned what is a major part of my life and what I love into my job; I am absolutely grateful for that!

Having my own website gives me the chance not only to share pictures and short captions but also my story and journey – join me on my daily workout and nutrition routine.

Love, Nad

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