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Anorexia is like a boyfriend who treats you very bad. Everyone around you tells you to leave him because it’s obvious that he’s not good for you and that you’re unhappy. But even if you know that, you’re not able to leave him. So what are you doing? You’re sticking with him, you’re avoiding your friends, family, and probably everyone telling you that your boyfriend is not good for you. It’s a lonely life with boyfriend anorexia.

So, what to do when you love someone who treats you bad? There is only one answer: leave him! And I say: leave anorexia! Because it will never change! You’ll never start being happy as long as you’re with anorexia. It will always remain that mean ‘boyfriend’ that gives you insecurity, makes you feel useless, lonely and makes you feel empty. And even if you starve to death, he will still not tell you that he loves you and that you’re beautiful. So what you’re waiting for?!

In June 2014, after sticking to this mean boyfriend named anorexia for years, I decided to kick him in the a**! I decided that I’m going to leave him. From that day on I imagined the illness like a relationship that is going to end.

my anorexia story

I guess everyone knows how hard it is to leave someone you love. If it’s not happened to you, maybe it’s happened to your best friend, sister or a workmate? What is the best advice for someone after a breakup? Adjust your mindset. Cut him out of your life. Enjoy life again. Seek support from your family. Enjoy your time with your girlfriends. Keep a busy schedule. Get some exercise. Get out of the house as much as you can. Take pleasure in your hobbies and interests. Find peace on your own. Find a new passion.

I’ve seen some friends going through the pain of a breakup. To be very honest, whatever they all tried, that one guy was still in their mind even after a few months. But one thing always changed everything. One thing always made them forget their ex-boyfriends — a new love!

So I decided to fall in love with something else than anorexia. I needed a new “boyfriend”.

Find out more about my anorexia story.

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