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In my language, the word for Anorexia is Magersucht. Translated to english it means “meager addiction”. Says it all. If anorexics and bulimics can be thought of as dieting junkies, the best treatment may be a substitute drug. Well at least, that’s what I thought. And it worked!

For sufferers of anorexia a large part of the day is filled with organizing complicated lives according to their own rules. People often think anorexics are never hungry but that’s not true. The preoccupation with food, dreaming of delicious meals, reading cookbooks and considerations, where and what can still be saved on food, dominate their world. Starving is an achievement. This achievement strengthens the self-confidence and the feeling of being something special.

So for me it was clear; I needed something that was also filling my day, I needed to add structure to my day and my week. I needed something measurable so I could make achievements. I needed something that would make me proud and make me feel good, something that also strengthened my self-confidence and the feeling that I am special.

before after anorexia

I decided to pick a sport and then fall into a deep, passionate, intense love with it. It would be my substitute drug and my new “boyfriend”

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