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Lisbon - Why I fell in love with this city

The Scenery Well, to start with, the city is beautiful. The city has a lot of character, with its old colorful buildings all smushed together along its undulating hillsides. This city is really fun to just take a walk in and enjoy the surprises…
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DUBAI - Like no other place on earth

Dubai is like no other place on Earth. It is the world capital of living large - a city of big business, luxury hotels, skyscrapers, and huge shopping malls. Dubai, like many of the world’s major cities – is like marmite. You either love…
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London - I'm in love with you!

What I love about London is it is an eclectic mix of everything. Not just buildings either. You can go from near rurality to utter urbanity in just a few minutes. I was impressed with the friendliness and helpfulness of Londoners. London and the people JUST make me happy!