The Scenery

Well, to start with, the city is beautiful. The city has a lot of character, with its old colorful buildings all smushed together along its undulating hillsides. This city is really fun to just take a walk in and enjoy the surprises you’ll find around the corner. You will find anything from new modern buildings with beautiful terraces and a lot of intricate details to small old houses with tiles on the façade and laundry hanging from the windows.

Lisbon Portugal Travel Huber Love CityLisbon Portugal Travel Huber Love CityLisbon Portugal Travel Huber Love City

Food & Drinks

Finally, the food and the drinks. Although it’s not super touristy in Lisbon, they have almost every kind of great food with healthy options you could ask for. You will easily find amazing Portuguese seafood. Seriously, if you like seafood, you should just come here for this.

Lisbon Portugal Food Drinks Huber City

The Yellow Trams

Reminiscent of the past, Lisbon’s yellow trams are iconic. Watch them as they climb up the steep hills and swerve along the main streets.

Lisbon Portugal Yellow Trams Huber CityLisbon Portugal Trams Nadine Huber Travel

The Tropical Botanical Garden

This is definitely one of my favorite places in Lisboa! The Tropical Botanical Garden or Colonial Garden is one of the largest gardens in Lisbon. It is located in the privileged area of Belém and has an exotic flora matrix. The moment you walk through the big doorway you’ll forget everything else. I felt like Alice in Wonderland.

Travel Lisbon Portugal House-of-Huber Botanic-Garden

Botanic-Garden Lisbon Portugal House-of-Huber

Tropical Botanical Garden Lisbon Portugal Huber


Belém is an area in western Lisbon, spreading out around the waterfront and well-known for its popularity with locals and tourists alike. It is a beautiful area to explore, to see the statues and monuments and look out across the Tagus river. I’ve spent a day in Belem and saw lots of beautiful sights, but could not get the pastries out of my mind!

Belém Lisbon Portugal Nadine Love City

Belém Lisbon Nadine Love City

Belém Lisbon Huber Love

Pastel De Nata

The most popular little treat is the pastel de nata – a small crispy pastry with an eggy, custard filling – so if you’re visiting Lisbon it’s basically compulsory to go and try an authentic one. Have you ever eaten something you just can’t stop thinking about? Something that was so good that days, weeks, or even months later it’s still on your mind?

Pastel De Nata Lisbon House-of-Huber

Lisbon…it’s sublime and enchanting. It’s the Portuguese people and culture that makes the city magical. I will be back for sure!

Lisbon Magic Nadine House of Huber

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