Beginner’s workout guide for women to build muscle, gain weight & stay lean

It’s time to make a change! You want more curves, more muscle, and more strength – but how do you actually start?

With MY NEW ME we want you to help loose fear of gaining weight. MY NEW ME guides you along your journey to a healthy way of gaining weight feeling full of energy and power. Remember that you can boost your well – being without ever focusing on weight again!

MY NEW ME is a weight gain fitness program for thin women, who want to be visibly healthy and strong. Your goal is to become a woman that is confident with her strong and healthy body, who is proud of her sexy curves? In MY NEW ME we have assembled everything you need to build body full of energy and full of life in a sustainable way.

The benefits of fitness, nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle go way beyond aesthetics. MY NEW ME will help you to be healthy, feminine, confident, fit, calm, strong and slender.

You need a home workout plan for beginners? This exercise program is the kick off with basic equipment to start! Whether you have never worked out before, restarting to work out or you are struggling gaining weight, try our favourite beginner workouts, designed just for newbies. Our program will offer basic, easy to repeat moves that challenge your body in a positive way.

Let’s get strong together!

MY NEW ME, Beginner's workout guide

What’s included?

  • Warm up
  • Complete 4 split workout program
  • Full body workout for busy weeks
  • 4 videos for 4 split workout
  • 1 video for full body workout
  • Tips for a successful implementation

Q&A to My New Me

Can you recommend a good starting weight?
Start light and work your way up. The sets that are too easy count as warmup sets. The first “real” set is the one where you get almost to muscular failure – to the point where no matter how hard you tried you wouldn’t have been able to do another rep or two with proper technique.

Do you need to be a member of a gym to do this and do you need to buy a lot of equipment if you are excersise at home?
You definitely don’t need to be going to a gym. Many of our members are working out from home. And the good news is that you don’t need a lot of equipment.

If I use the dumbbells I have at home, which weighs 1kg and 3kg, will that work?
1kg and 3kg is pretty light! Your muscles wouldn’t need to grow any stronger/bigger to use weights that are already light for you. I would recommend getting some heavier dumbbells. They aren’t that expensive, sometimes you can get them second-hand, and that would give you everything that you need to build muscle properly. Honestly though, it would be worth spending an extra $20 and buysome adjustable dumbbells. If you order them online (Amazon or any similar warehouse) you will some good ones without spending a fortune.

I can’t even do one push-up and barely 15 squats without holding a weight. What do you recommend?
Start with a range of motion you can do properly, and gradually work your reps higher. When you are able to do 20 reps, start loading it up with weight to get you down in that under-15 range. You will find a modified version for push-ups in the video.

I would really love to start this program! How will I receive it? Do I need a laptop or is it a book?
The book is digital and it comes with videos, so you can read it on your laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, or any other digital device.

Do the workout plans come with a diet? If not, do you provide meal plans?
No, the My New Me does not come with a meal plan. We are developing separatly a meal plan, as well as a new gym workout plan, which will come with a meal plan

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