AbsWithNad Nadine Huber Week 8

Updated: Workout Videos AbsWithNad Round 2

Hi to all my old & new AbsWithNadGirls So excited to do this with you Let's work on those abs! Watch the video and read the whole text before starting. Join with me and many girls the AbsWithNad 8 week challenge. I’ll give you the…
6 Tips six-pack abs

6 Tips to get ripped six-pack abs

It's not only about the workout. You can do way more for your abs! Here are my 6 favorite tips to get a ripped six-pack abs. 1. Breakfast: I see a lot of people that skip breakfast in the morning and they absolutely kill their metabolism.…
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MY NEW ME, Beginner's workout guide

MY NEW ME - From Skinny To Strong

Beginner's workout guide for women to build muscle, gain weight & stay lean It's time to make a change! You want more curves, more muscle, and more strength - but how do you actually start? With MY NEW ME we want you to help loose…

Tired of being the skinny girl? I've got your fix!

"I want more curves, more muscle and more strength - but how do I actually get started?" Building muscle is so great but it can be so hard for naturally skinny or underweight women and if you’re naturally thin, keep in mind you’re…
meaning HIIT and LISS acronyms

What in the world do these crazy acronyms HIIT and LISS mean?

I recently saw some confusion about HIIT and LISS. Let's have a look. HIIT stands for High intensity interval training, which consists of short sprint intervals coupled with low-moderate intensity work. A type of interval training that…
weight gain skinny

Healthy weight gain vs. body fat gain

  Get rid of your chicken legs and T-Rex arms for good! Maybe you're one of those naturally skinny girls, an ECTOMORPH who just can't add pounds no matter how many milkshakes you pound. Or maybe you're a CARDIO JUNKIE, and you've…
push-ups building up the strength

Push ups - how to get there

So many women have trouble building up the strength, or just say they hate doing them and give up. It's very important for women to have strong upper body strength. It's a big jump from knee pushups, where your knees touch the floor,…
Workout Program Girls Women AbsWithNad

Workout Videos AbsWithNad Round 1

Join with me and many girls the AbsWithNad 8 week challenge. I'll give you the exact workout plan with structure, time, sets and reps. We do it together twice up to three times a week and we'll see your progress from week to week. Use hashtag…
AbsWithNad Workout Abs Women

Abs With Nad Round 2 - Are you ready?

November 27th we'll start our second round of AbsWithNad. Are you new to my Abs Challenge or it's going to be your second round? It doesn't matter! You all can do this challenge with me! It will be a similar version to the last round, but with…