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Nadine in the interview with Iris & Victorine from Womensbest

Nadine's featured story was just published on Women's Best online. The title: My Way to Happiness: A Battle with Anorexia
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Anorexia - You need a substitute drug

  In my language, the word for Anorexia is Magersucht. Translated to english it means "meager addiction". Says it all. If anorexics and bulimics can be thought of as dieting junkies, the best treatment may be a substitute drug. Well…
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Anorexia - When I decided to break up with it

Anorexia is like a boyfriend who treats you very bad. Everyone around you tells you to leave him because it's obvious that he's not good for you and that you're unhappy. But even if you know that, you're not able to leave him. So what are…