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MY NEW ME, Beginner's workout guide

Workout Videos MY NEW ME

12 week workout guide for women to get from skinny to strong.

MY NEW ME is a weight gain fitness program for thin women, who want to be visibly healthy and strong.

Your goal is to become a woman that is confident with her strong and healthy body, who is proud of her sexy curves? In MY NEW ME we have assembled everything you need to build body full of energy and full of life in a sustainable way.

Find out more here: Q&A MY NEW ME

What’s included?

  • Warm up
  • Complete 4 split workout program
  • Full body workout for busy weeks
  • 4 videos for 4 split workout
  • 1 video for full body workout
  • Tips for a successful implementation
AbsWithNad Workout Video Girls Women Abs

Abs With Nad Videos

Join me and many girls (over 402k views for the first AbsWithNad challenge ? ) with the AbsWithNad 8-week challenge. ?? 

I’ll give you the exact workout plan with structure, time, sets and reps. We do it together twice up to three times a week and we’ll see your progress from week to week. Let’s start to work on those abs! So excited to do this with you ??? Watch the video and read the whole text before starting.

Abs with Nad Workout Videos 2nd Challenge

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Abs With Nad Workout Videos 1st Challenge

Workout Program Week 1 / Workout Program Week 2 / Workout Program Week 3 / Workout Program Week 4 / Workout Program Week 5 / Workout Program Week 6 / Workout Program Week 7 / Workout Program Week 8

AbsWithNad Workout Video Girls Women Abs


Results from amazing women from all over the world doing my 8 week abs challenge. I couldn’t be more proud of you ladies!

Check out my #AbsWithNad workouts. Let’s work on those abs together!


THANK YOU for creating such an empowering and effective 8 week ab and core program/challenge. I looked forward to your 3 workouts a week every single week amid my regular #bbg training program! I had my second child 9 months ago and felt that when I started your #abswithnad challenge that I already looked and felt really strong and defined… now looking at my before and after photos only 8 weeks apart I am blown away at the progress I have made in 8 short weeks! My abs have NEVER looked this good AND I have had two kids in the last three years! I loved that you constantly pushed us out of our comfort zone to try harder moves and variation of reps challenging us to push ourselves to achieve great things. I loved your slow, controlled, and train with intent approach it forced me to change up my routine and clearly resulted in phenomenal results. Thank you for your constant love and support! I admire you so much!



hi im a stay at home mum and absolutley loved doing abswithnad round 1, i could fit it in with my bbg home workouts/mum life and i saw a big difference with my core strength by the end of the 8wks, i could control my movements so much better! i would highly reccomend abswithnad to everyone wanting an excellent ab workout.

thank you soo much Nadine and hope to do round 2 in the near future xoxo
left pic is the start-right pic finish


I personally loved Abswithnad and watching my strength improve from week one all the way to the end. Initially when I first started I really struggled with the hanging knee raises and building enough endurance to hold myself up for more than a few reps, but week after week I could feel myself getting stronger and more comfortable with it. I personally fell in love with the workout because I could do it from home, I never felt bored and it works out your entire body instead of just your abs. After the program I could see a lot more definition in my body and I looked so much stronger which is ultimately what I wanted to achieve. I felt like I had shifted my entire perspective from wanting to look skinny to now wanting to look strong and healthy. Ultimately I loved this workout so much and I intend to keep doing it for as long as possible! You truly do see and FEEL results.


AbsWithNad is such a great program to target your ab muscles and really feel the burn! The format and moves are easy to follow, but don’t let that fool you – the workout really targets your core muscles and works them hard! I had to modify Nadine’s version to accommodate my shoulder injury (so more lying down moves than hanging moves!), but after only a few weeks I started to see incredible results and definition in my midsection that I have never seen before. My core strength continues to grow with AbsWithNad and I couldn’t be more thankful to Nadine!


Abs with nad has become MY FAVORITE way to work my core. I am a mother of three boys ((my youngest just turned one a few weeks ago ��)) and I have NEVER had any definition in my stomach. Even before kids! There are many reasons why I love Abs with Nad ((besides Nadine ❤️ and my abs with nad girls ��)) but the biggest is that I love the focus on slow and controlled movement. It is not a race to see how many you can finish, it’s about building muscle. And that, my friends, takes time.

Thank you!!
Whitney @hiit.whit


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